I swear there should be a book out there by now about WLS after pregnancy. If I could gather more than three coherant thoughts, I might try to do it myself. That's not very likely, so don't hold your breath.

I'm actually a bit surprised at how normal this pregnancy is being treated. I'm not high-risk according to this OB and I only go in once a month. This is still odd to me after pregnancy with R and high blood pressure. But, I'm trying to accept that I'm NORMAL today. I just wish this OB would follow my labs a bit closer and/or monitor my supplements and diet. I know I'm an adult.. but I'm preggers and one tends to forget things like taking iron 4xday. I'm doing good to get it in 3xday some days.. mostly I remember 2xday. (I don't hate this OB, there's just NO ONE as good as the OB I had in Virginia)

Beansprout is developing on target and I can feel him moving around most of the time. ESPECIALLY when I'm trying to sleep or sit with the laptop on my lap. I have to have some faith that my body is doing what it is supposed to do. The lab draw on Monday will help ease these concerns.

The only other "concern" I have about a post WLS pregnancy is the flabby skin. Yes, there is a baby and everyone notices. But, I still see a ton of extra belly skin when I look at myself after a shower. There will be no bare belly shots of this girl until the due date that is for sure. Basically, I feel like I'm still not right. I know I can have the surgeries (I WILL after the baby making machine is done), but I wanted to be cuter.. I know I'm better off than I was pre-WLS and I've gotta keep that in mind. There is a positive to a pregnant body after WLS... the jugs.. yup, DH is in LOVE. He wants to keep them. LOL.. I love them too.. they are so much better than saggy A cups that I folded into my padded bra. Just don't let DH near them as they are so freaking tender all the time.

Diet and supplementation is not as hard as I thought it would be (that could change after Monday's labs). I basically eat normally (ok.. I'm grazing all the time) and try to make sure I get at least one protein drink in a day. Beansprout is not tolerating my protein lattes (shoot.. there's very little tolerance of coffee) so I have switched over to fruity shakes. I have a great blender that has a single serving attachment which makes cleanup a breeze (note to self.. do a review). The other dietary requirements are being met pretty well if I steer clear of the carbs (most snacks are of the protein variety in this house).. oh ok.. I have become a fruitaholic. I love grapes, bananas, and berries.. I just have to make sure to have protein a few minutes before or after a fruity snack.

Would I have WLS before pregnancy again? YES! It has saved me wear and tear on my body and mental health. The baby and I are in less jepoardy than I put R and myself. Also, I do fit in the cute maternity clothes.. even if my saggy bum can't hold the jeans up. :)

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    Milenka said...

    I think my body is just bad at pregnancy overall. Yes, the b12 deficiency and anemia issues probably stem from the wls, but I think things would be much, much more difficult for me right now with the girls racing around and being pregnant if i were 280 pounds again. I would love to have plastics done someday (and am glad I couldn't afford them after the girls just to ruin them with another pregnancy!) but it probably won't happen unless I get better insurance or a huge line of credit. I would kill to have pregnancy boobs all the time, too! ;-)

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  2. Laura said...

    I have just found out that I am pregant this week. I had WLS in 2002 and have kept all of the weight off. I lost 150lbs, which is what I weigh at the current time. I am nervous about 2 things-
    1. I have both types of anemia and worry about this. I called the OB office and they want to see me for the first appointment in 6 weeks...this seems too far away.
    2. I am worried about gaining too much weight in pregnancy.

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