I want to be able to get these things down...

I woke up this morning a bit late but feeling ok. I got T out the door on time and P was fed, coffeed, and had a packed lunch before he left. But, when I went to go upstairs with my cofee and phone I was out of breath and had a hard time regaining my normal breathing pattern. Once I got still and off the phone I was still having a hard time and laid on my side to watch General Hospital. I expected to fall asleep at first but I was feeling good enough to enjoy Friday's episode and carry on a conversation with P (he called to check on me after I let him know how I was feeling) and my friend. I had small headache when I went downstairs to let the dog out and came back up not quite as winded but the headache is painful again. Argh.. I bet my blood pressure is up. It's a good thing I see the OB tomorrow (Oh .. they had to reschedule due to the doctor's need to be out of town for a funeral). I'll check my bp today when I go to CVS and/or at the hematologist's office when I get my labs drawn.

Yesterday we had a pretty good day. I went to the grocery store and got two copies of the Sunday paper (karate school featured and good coupons), bacon (supposed to be b1g1f.. but it wrang up wrong), and eggs. We had a yummy breakfast and hung out for the morning. I was able to clip most of my coupons and file them before we went out. We took T out for having a very good couple of weeks at school with coupons to Chuck E Cheese. Yaa Coupons! We saved $10. Then we went to Home Depot and got a doorbell extender, motion sensor light for the front porch (darn neighborhood teenagers), a beware of dog sign (he's big and scary until he gets close to you and just wants to play), and a couple of saw horses for P. Total $170.10.. only spent $20.10 thanks to gift cards from realtor and builder! Then we headed over to Kroger (P wanted to see the renovations or else I would have not taken the whole brood) and spent $75 out of pocket.. but saved over $$77!!! That was with $25 in manufacturers coupons, and $50 of store coupons and specials! We stocked up on things that we love but were great deals and I was able to use a lot of coupons that were about to expire. These are the things I love about Kroger: They double coupons up to $.50 all the time, they have great specials 10/$10 on Hummus.. this brand is normally $3.99 (we stocked up), they have one card for everything (school support, Upromise, Coupons (you can link up on line.. even register for samples on line too), and Store discounts. I had a blast watching my savings go over what I actually spent.

I have to go to CVS today.. let's see how I do with that.

Oh one more thing.. Living in a neighborhood that is still being build has it's disadvantages. Let's see, earthmovers during homework time, surveyors out before 9am, and two construction zones within spitting distance of our yard. GREAT TIMES!!

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    Milenka said...

    I am completely on the budgeting and coupon train with you these days! The Kroger site will never work for me. It let me register but won't let me log in. It'll even let me change my password but still won't let me log in. You'd think after months of this I would attempt to contact someone about the issue!

  1. ... on 4:41 PM  
  2. Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

    Thanks for the comment tonight!! = ) I hear ya on those boxes. We've been in our house for 5 years and I just went through the last of the boxes a few months ago. Boxes we have carted around for 10 years without opening! It was pretty funny stuff.

  3. ... on 8:42 PM