Organizing Junkie is challenging us to round up the clutter this month. Last month the challenge was the dining room and the month before kitchen. Those who completed those challenges have truly humbled me. This month I am going to take the bull by the horns and accept the challenge for the master bedroom.

**We have only been in this house two months.. it shouldn't be this bad**

Problem areas:
1- My new vanity, which I have never used for it's intended purpose, is covered in clutter and laundry.
2- The cradle, is the landing spot for everything.. it looks ten times better than it did last week.. the clothes piled up were killing my zen state. :)
3- The bathroom closet, is full of unorganized health/beauty items. Most of these items are old and need to be organized from the move.. some are new that I have acquired in my CVS adventures over the last month. You have to see that basket to realize how well I've truly done!
4- The masterbedroom closet, the floor is covered in boxes and baskets of misc clothes and items. I was working when we moved and just shoved the clothes from the dresser into plastic tubs. As we use an item it is put away in the dresser or armoire.. that's not the way to do it. Let's not add insult to injury and mention that I'm preggers and 98% of my wardrobe does not fit.
5- Bed, there is a 3yo in it and the support beams are not supporting the bed due to jumping.
6- Dirty laundry on my bedroom floor. I did not bring the hamper back downstairs after the last use and now my bedroom runneth over.

Clean off vanity and keep it clean for good.
Pull the out the last few items from the cradle.
Bring hamper back down and take dirty laundry upstairs as it gets full.
Insist that our bedroom is a kid free (not baby) zone especially at bedtime.
Purge and conquer the clutter in the bathroom.
Sort through the boxes and bins in the master closet and decide if I will truly wear these clothes again.

It's a darn good thing I have a month.. LOL

I'm off to take pictures for the show and tell at the end of the month!

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