I wanted to put a positive spin on the day, week, and month. I can do that today because I have started to feel the positives of not working.

-We had great day out as a family on Saturday and other than eating out we didn't spend a bunch of money.
-Sunday I went to CVS and saved a bundle and hope to do better next week. I'm working on being just a frugal with my grocery items as I am with clothing.
-Sunday afternoon disappeared with me not really knowing where it went. SWEET... I haven't had a day like that in forever
-P set up the Satellite receiver in our bedroom. Yeah for non-dvd watching!
-We went to bed before 10pm last night
-I was up at 0615 to make breakfast for the boys before thy were off to work and school.
- I didn't sit down until 0830... (yes, this makes me happy) because I folded laundry, spot cleaned the floor, straightened the kitchen. After a brief break I vacuumed the upstairs. Go me! Mondays used to be about me finding ways to sleep more/longer.

R and I are waiting for T to get home. We need to go to the grocery store and hopefully I can make good use of these coupons that I've clipped. The furniture store that no one should ever go to is supposed to call about fixing T's bedroom set for the second time.

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