Last night we sat down as a familiy to watch The Last Mimzy; a movie that was supposed to whimisical that ended up being very disjointed and unbelievable in my opinion.

What does your 3yo do when the family is going to watch a movie? Mine hosts a tea party for her babies and Mommy. No matter how much P tried to get her to whisper or watch the strange movie, she would not hush up. He wanted to know why she suddenly found her voice, "We were so worried when she wouldn't talk and now she won't shut up." It is a mixed blessing indeed.

We also found out who is really responsible for our play room becoming a disaster. She is!! A tea party must be layed out everywhere and all stuffed animals must be in attendance (I typed assistanceoriginally.. oh pregnancy brain). Oh, the coffee and cocoa are the soft beads for her coordination of course. We are still finding these beads everywhere and they have been hidden away for two days.

This afternoon the family will squeeze into the ultrasound suite to see our little baby and hopefully find out the gender. R heard me tell T that he would be there and she thought I was leaving her home. You see, I am not allowed to go to the doctor's office without her there to defend me. :) Tonight or tomorrow the world will know what the next D family baby will be! Say a little prayer for me if you don't mind. I'm getting nervous about finding something wrong. It is a routine test and I have two healthy children.. but something is just pulling at my heart.

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    Diana said...

    So...I'm dying to know...boy or girl? hehehe

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