T had a first last week and I didn't find the time to post about it. It must have been all the running around I was doing or was it the fact that I meant to take a picture to go with this post but still haven't.. (I'll work on that tonight).

P called me Thursday around noon to tell me T had fallen off the playground at school. The wind had been knocked out of him and other than a bit of shock the nurse and P agreed that he should go back to class with a recheck in an hour. He went back to class and was perfectly fine. His back was no longer bothering him but his wrist was a bit swollen. Once I heard the second report, I decided to take a trip to the school and check in with the nurse and office staff (why didn't my home # get changed when we moved). On first impression, T looked no worse for wear. He did have swelling on his wrist and I could see a bit of light bruising. Karate was out for the afternoon, so the kiddos and I went to the bookstore.

While we were sitting there I decided to call the pediatrician to get him an appointment for the next day. I wanted to make sure he was going to be well enough to go back to karate over the weekend (at least 3 practices). Once they heard the symptoms they asked me how I felt about getting an xray right away. How could I say no? So off we went to the imaging center that closed in less than 30 minutes. We made it in within seconds of them locking the doors. The xray was simple and as I was chatting with the tech a comment was made that it was a VERY good thing he did not go to karate. I laughed and said I would be waiting for a call from the doctor.

We got home with the plans of making and eating dinner. The water had not come to a boil when I got the call from the pediatrician. It was definitely broken and we needed to go to the urgent care center for a splint and referral to an orthopedist. Whew..

It really wasn't that chaotic. We just kept going on with life not really making a big deal about anything. T and I took a ride to the urgent care and then we came home and had dinner. The next morning I sent him to school expecting the referralf for the orthopedist to come late in the afternoon or on Monday. The medical community actually seemed to be in more of a rush to get him in than we were.

T is a bit frustrated that his dominant wrist is broken. However, there are very few things that it has kept him from doing. He has made two comments trying to milk the situation. "Don't you feel so bad that I broke my wrist that you'll buy me this toy?" and "My handwriting is going to be REALLY bad for 2 months, so you can't get mad at me." LOL.. He is writing, drawing, and climbing rock walls at school. He is also not wearing the blasted sling.

Boys will be boys....

P and I also had a consultation today about speech therapy for T. He will be evaluated here in the next few weeks and may start therapy this year and going into the next school year. It's nothing major.. P and I both had speech, so this is by no means a surprise.

WOW... you made it through that ramble. :) Have a great afternoon. I'm off to the gastroenterologist to claim him as my doctor and follow up on my medical drama from last week.

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