Monday's appointment with the hematologist was relieving. I did have an increased blood pressure at 153/83 (I'm sure the worrying and a latte were the cause), which I will have monitor in the future. But for the main reason that I was there... My feretin was 36. That's a great number because the hematologist considers anything over 6 normal. My b12 is dropping but is still in the normal range at 281 (not surpising because I haven't been taking the extra doses) and I will have to up my oral intake or switch to shots. I asked about the pregnancy and how the delivery will affect my anemia and vice versa how the anemia will affect the baby. The doctor put it like this: I will need more iron in the future but for right now the baby and I are both great and do not need to change our routine (but we do have to keep it up). When I breastfeed (notice the power of positive thinking) the baby will not need any supplements because I have enough stored for the two of us right now. I will see the hematologist again in six months which is three months after the birth. Whew!!

After that great news I was really thinking that this was really a NORMAL pregnancy. Ha, ha, ha! Last night I was eating a piece of chocolate and it got stuck in my digestive track and I had horrid pain in my chest, inbetween my shoulder blades, and I felt like there was a lump in my throat. I tried everything I could think of.. tums, levsin (digestive muscle relaxant), bread (absorb acid), and water. The pain was still there and I hoped it would be gone when I woke up this morning. It wasn't and drinking water created more pain. The water and my iron pill stayed down which showed that I don't have a blockage. After calling around trying to find a doctor who would see me (moving post WLS sucks in the after care arena) I was sent to the ER. The ER doctor was great and recognized the symptoms as an irritated digestive track. He gave me a GI cocktail and two prescriptions with orders to come back if the pain worsens or if I have difficulty breathing. So, I'm not dying and the baby is not compromised. However, I will be on a liquid diet for 2 days.. umm.. fun times ahead. :)

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    Milenka said...

    That really, really does not sound like fun! *hugs* I hope it's all better by now! And I would love to have a 'normal' pregnancy just once and be able to walk around with some semblance of comfort and energy. So far I've just been a laundry list of high risk and bad test results with all of my pregnancies. It's a good thing I never held my breath or got my hopes up too high, right? Healthy babes are wroth it, It's good that they're so dang cute, yes? :-)

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