Today feels like it should be the end of a strenuous week. Instead it is Wednesday and I have done very little yet I feel like a Mac Truck hit me. I woke up this morning (late again.. ) to see T and P off to work. It's always nice because I encourage P to sit down with me in the morning and have a parents only breakfast. After breakfast P got his stuff together and I sat on the front porch in my bathrobe. It's cool yet not bone chilling today and it was refreshing for the 5 minutes I allowed myself. Why only 5 minutes? Because I could barely sit up and really wanted to crawl into my warm bed even if R was hogging 80% of it. So I was back asleep by 730 and slept until 900 (minus a restroom run)when R eagerly requested Pancakes with syrup and chocolate milk. I gave her all of it after 5 minutes of nagging on her behalf. I knew something was wrong them because I never give chocolate milk out with breakfast. I made sure she was satisfied and made myself a protein smoothie hoping it would give me a bounce. Nope, I was headed for the bed before 930. R was safely watching Noggin (oh how I love you) and Riley was asleep on his bed.. Until 1045 when the construction crew started next door. The house shook and shook and the dog barked and barked. I gave in and told myself a shower would be a great option. I felt better after and managed to make us a decent lunch.. but I have no energy to do anything other than that. I could try to lay down but the construction trucks and barking dog would not allow that to happen.

What happened to me?? I want some energy back! Hmm.. Maybe a starbucks run would refresh me?

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