I'm choosing a crazy time to share goings on in my kiddos lives. But, if I don't do it while the urge is here, I may never get this down.

T is doing much better at school and karate. He only has SIX (6) weeks of school left before summer break. He is also gearing up for his first karate tournament. He has accepted an extra day of practice to improve his skills before the competition. What else? He got a skooter for Christmas from my mother (received 3 weeks ago.. opened 2 days ago) and he loves it. I love it too! It's extremely portable once you figure out how to push the fold down lever. He is curious about what is little brother is thinking or doing at all times.. How many times can I say "Beansprout is sleeping"? I'm glad he is excited about his little brother's arrival and I agree with him that this pregnancy is lasting forever.

R is totally in a princess craze. She recently went shopping with a gift card and purchased a snow white dress up gown (fits her perfectly in the length .. but she can't um.. fill it out. Where are the darn mitten clips?) that matches her purse, gloves, and shoes. She also found two princess dolls that she is enjoying dressing up. She LOVES and THRIVES on terrorizing her brother (especially in public). She is asking to take ballet next year and is also talking about karate. I'm guessing we will go the ballet route for now. Unless, she insists on karate. She is excited about her baby brother and loves to cuddle on my belly. OUCH!

They have torn the play room apart and we will be tackling that beast tomorrow. I'm at the point now that I can't carry anything of size or weight any distance or up the stairs. Thankfully, the three amigos will be here to do my bidding. Well, at least they will after I call them ten times and threaten to take the toys to the needy children. I bet it will be a lot easier to clean than I think.. they do have a lot of empty boxes up here. OH P.......... WHY DID YOU BRING BOXES up here for the CHILDREN to unpack WITHOUT supervision?

On a final positive note. They were both in bed without complaint at 930 on a Saturday night. Will R stay in her bed all night? Stay tuned.

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