When we bought our house we had planned to have a garden in our large flat back yard. Unfortunately, as we watched our house go up we noticed that our back yard was quite steep and with the covered porch that I had added we would not have "flat" land to create a garden.

All four of us were quite disappointed. We were eager for the experience and the convenience of home grown fruits/vegetables. P came up with the idea of doing "tiered" gardening and I jumped on once I was able to envision the project. Today (Sunday) we bit the bullet and bought the soil, wood frames/stakes, seeds, and peet moss at 5pm. We decided it was a now or never project and dug right in.

I found a positive to having a home built in the winter; the sod and plants do not have the proper conditions to root themselves and are easily moved to new homes. We debated the locations and then I started rolling and pulling sod up. It took approximately two x three sod squares to reach our desired size of each plot. With 4 plots we were left with 48 sod squares that need a new home. I eagerly placed the first 24 in the front yard where the builder doomed us insurmountable amounts of mulch (I HATE mulch).

Our four plots are free of sod and sitting pretty with a mix of peet moss, soil, and compost mix (bought at our favorite home improvement store). We will be planting the seeds this week and completing the framing of the gardens. I personally can't wait to see how well this experiment works. I'm sure that R and I will spend a lot of time outside pulling weeds and watering the garden. I'm hoping this will offset our grocery shopping budget too. Maybe, I'll try to do some pickling and other projects with the bounty of goodies we will hopefully reap.

I will try to get pictures of the project tomorrow. That is, if I can move. I am so sore... The exercise is good for me.. I just need to remember to keep it consistent.

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