With the construction in progress on two lots near our house, life has been difficult for our dog. You see, he HAS to bark at them to tell them that he can take them.

This morning he went out to do his business and was barking within five minutes. Dog: Hey... there was the school bus and the garbage truck on the street at the SAME time. What would you have done?

Half an hour later he whines to go out and I bring him in as soon as he barks once. Yet, he continues to bark in the house.
Dog: Mom can be so mean sometimes. I was just trying to get that kids attention.
Me: Don't wake R up. Damnit, You woke her up!!

Currently he is whining to go out because the construction crews are out with large equipment.
Dog: Mom I want to go out and tell them I can take them. Please.. I'll sit on your lap if you won't let me go out.
Me: No.. It's bad enough I have to hear you bark in the house.. I'll still hear you outside and so will the neighbors. NO!
Dog: What if I sit down on and offer a shake? PLEEEASE!!!!
Me: NO!
(I get up to use the restroom. I'm ready for a catheter, thank you.)
Dog: OH.. She's gonna let me go outside and bark. Yeah!! Mom, let's go.. bark.. let's go. (Maybe if I stand in front of her and block the hallway)
Me: NO!
Dog: Fine, be that way. I'll lay here right next to you and lick every inch of this 82lb body and annoy the daylights out of you.
Me: I've still got the crate in the garage and I will use it!

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