Here are snippits of the things that bring a smile to my face..

*T wants to know when the baby will be here.
*R and T laughing several times today.
*Watching T at karate practice
*Listening to R tell me about being a ballerina.
*Hearing the doctor say that this pregnancy is normal and both baby and I are doing great.
*Reading a really good book. (Ok.. so I've read 4 books this week.. sue me)
*Talking to P on the phone for 5 minutes. (He's working mad overtime)
*Watching/Listening to T tell me about his Bionicles.
*Playing with my kiddos on the back porch.
*Knowing that we have a home our family can grow into.
*Remembering that I am growing into a stronger person every day for myself and my family.
*Planning trips for our family.

Things that I haven't found the positive side of...

*P's little habits (not eating quietly, staying up late, and not using his manners)
*T's tough questions. (I can't get too deep into it.. but being P's second family leads me into waters that are difficult to navigate.
*Needy people. (I really want to be there for my friends and extended family. But.. I have to take care of myself first so that I can care for my children and husband)
*Chores. (I want a maid or two)
*Construction in the neighborhood. I didn't think that through before we bought this house.
*Asking for help. I really need to ask for help more often. I just to like to be indebted to others.
*Not traveling this summer. Having a baby in the middle or late summer puts a damper on most plans.

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