R is a ballerina 

I was at the ob today for my 34 week visit. R was dancing around the exam room while we waited for the doctor. Can you tell what she will be enrolled in this fall?

OB visit was successful. I am dialated to a fingertip and thinning out, although my cervix is still posterior. Everything looks good for a VBAC if that is what I want to do. I'm still experiencing a normal pregnancy. What the heck is that???

After my appointment the kids and I went to the bookstore before their sibling class. That class was a great investment of an hour and $35. I got the chance to see the Labor and Delivery unit and the kids had a chance to learn about caring for a baby and all the weird stuff that will happen while the baby and I are in the hospital. P missed out on the class because of work (he's still there and not expected home until 10pm.. that's more than a 13 hour day) but he had a chance to hear all about it when we met him for a quick dinner.

Life is good. Now I just have to get my butt in gear and wash all the darn baby clothes.

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    Milenka said...

    Aww, she's a cutie! I never got to take any dance classes, and I kind of hope the girls want to. :-)

    So happy to hear that all is progressing normally! Does the boy have a name yet, or are you making a final decision after he arrives? And good luck getting those baby clothes ready. I keep meaning to have someone pull out the non-pink stuff here and wash it, but a part of me refuses to believe that we'll need it anytime soon. You, on the other hand....ack! :-)

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