I'm not ready to have this baby. I want him to bake as long as he needs to.. with that said....

I want to know what is causing my back pain. I was at the local hospital in L&D last night due to back pain. I was unable to handle this pain. It was worse than when I was admitted for a week for IBS. It was eventually calmed with movement/heat/tylenol/tums. We don't know what dulled it. We do know that the baby is great. He was all over the place during the monitoring session. We also know that my labs were all normal and my elevated blood pressure at the time of arrival calmed with the easing of the pain.

I was afraid to eat today because I had traced back the beginning of each "severe" pain cycle with any intake. I called my OB/PCP/GI doctors.. Guess what.. no one wanted to take responsibility. I will say that the OB was willing to let me stay over last night.. but why would I do that when the baby was fine. Hind signt is 20/20. I was ready to go back to L&D today if no one gave me an order for a gallbladder US. The GI was the one to give me the order with the statement that this could just be pregnancy related and I would have to "deal" with it. He did not look at my history but just my current symptoms. I am too close to having this baby at term to screw it up. But, come on. I know I have a high pain tolerance and I know there is something not right with the pain I had.

I'm not having severe pain today. Why? I was afraid to eat much of anything before seeing a doctor. Once I saw the GI specialist he recommended laying off the fat for a few days. (SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE) My big meal of the day was rice (a small serving) and steamed vegetables. P did an awesome job with the parameters.. but this pregnant girl wants/ed substance. I'm just praying that tomorrow's gallbladder study will show something. I need a plan and I need real food. NO FAT = no milk, no cheese, no meat, no nothing.. except rice/veggies/fruit/and clear liquid broth.

Sorry for the incoherant rant but I wanted to document it while it's still fresh on my mind.

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