A is for age. 28.. It sounds so young when I say it out loud.
B is for Burger of Choice. Sloppy and shared. I can't eat one alone.
C is for Car. 2 Fords in my driveway. A 2003 windstar that will be paid off in a couple of LONG months. It will be driven until it won't go again. The kids will beat the interior with food, drinks, and puke (have I mentioned that R is puking again this summer.. WTF?).
D is for daughters. One is enough, Thank you. Excuses include: puking, drama queen, and TV Tyrant, demanding, mischevious, and vicious to her brother.
E is for essential item you use every day. Cell Phone!
F is for favorite tv show. Currently watch Lost, 24 (on DVD.. way behind), and NCIS when I can. I LOVE my dvr.
G is for groceries. I'm a wanderer .. I like to find great deals and don't care how long it takes. I wish the children agreed.
H is for how often you embarrass yourself. I need to think before I speak more often. But, truly.. I'm learning to love the person that I am and everyone else can just deal with it.
I is for ice cream. Oh how I miss a good soft serve ice cream cone and milkshakes. That's one of the trade offs of the surgery though..
J is for juice. V8 Fusion, Crystal Light, Powerade, Gatorade, and OJ (from Florida only) are my drinks of choice.
K is for kids. Boy (6), Girl (3), Boy (will be here Thursday evening).. They are the center of my world and I don't understand how celebrities go out so often without their kiddos.
L is for Lipstick. When I remember it.. But I love to wear it.. It makes me feel "nicer".
M is for Mexican food. We could eat it everyday in this house.
N is for number of piercings. 2 holes .. one in each ear.
O is for Optometry. Glasses .. Laser Surgery after I'm done having babies.. while I'm in the plastics phase of life.
P is for People You Were With Today. Kiddos, OB staff, and Karate family.. Q is for Quiet Time. Sunday I went out for a couple of hours. It felt weird.. where are the kids? What's going on? I only called home three times. But, I needed that time out. I was being a big meanie.
R is for Biggest Regret. Continuing to put off college and spending too much money on crap.
S is for sports you play. Don't do sports.. uh..
T is for tattoo. Maybe one day. P hates them.. but I want one for me.. A butterfly coming out of a cocoon.
U is for what is unique about you. Red hair, white skin, and blue eyes. All of my family to date has blue eyes and O positive blood.
V is for Vegetables you Love. There are many .. brocolli, turnip greens, beans and potatoes (you know the kind with a ham hock), carrots, oh ya. Just remember that when I'm stepping away for a second. Mm..kay. I'm REALLY doing you the favor.
W is for Worst Habit. Procrastinating and Cursing (really have cut down).
Y is for Yummy Food you ate today. umm... Taquitos..
Z is for Zodiac. Eh.. Sagittarius here.. but I don't really follow it.

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