Well, it's 530 am here in good old Alabama. The house is asleep but the sun is brightening the sky. I have around ten hours until I should meet my third child. Wow, I'm going to have three kids! I know I've been pregnant for 38 weeks (the longest I've ever gone), but it just doesn't feel like I'm ready yet. Is it because I'm not sick (yea.. I've had an issue here or there.. but today.. I feel great) or is it because there is a problem with the baby? This normal, low tech, pregnancy has been an experience in learning to accept things as they are. I just haven't learned the whole lesson, yet.

My mother got here last night and things have been pretty good so far. We tip-toed around an emotional issue last night (how all of us kids are very in your face and quick tempered) but that was the hardest part. Whew! It probably helps that I was/am in a major nesting way right about now. I've gotten so much done these last few days, that this house almost doesn't feel like my house. Granted, I've got to stay on top of the kids to keep stuff picked up. But, I should have been doing that every day.

So this morning I will relax until P's alarm goes off, I'll make us a nice breakfast and spend a few minutes with him before he heads to work. Then, I'll start packing my hospital bag(shush.. I still don't feel like today is the day.. remember??) until everyone else in the house is up. I also want to finish folding the baby clothes (one last basket), put fresh sheets on the crib and bassinet, and install the baby's carseat in the van. I'd also like to clean out the van so that my Mom can drive it without feeling like she's surrounded by my clutter.

Last night I posed for a few cute belly shots. I apologize for the little princess who thinks the camara has eyes only for her. Also, check out that picture over my left shoulder.. that is from 8 years ago!

38 weeks pregnant front view

38 weeks side view.. wow I've popped out

38 weeks, me and the kiddos

**I've asked Paul to send out pictures of the baby to all, I'll leave directions to put the pictures/stats on the blog. But, if he doesn't I'll get them up as soon as I get home from the hospital.**

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