Wow.. I can be really quiet. The last few weeks have gone from dramatic to getting back to normal with the addition of a baby. Really, not much has changed except that I ALSO care for a one month (how did that happen so fast) old baby boy.

T started first grade last week and has had an awesome time. :) AWESOME is his new word. He also competed in his first karate tournament last weekend. He was lacking the confidence but did an awesome job in the end. The best part is that all the young competitors get a trophy for each event. So, my boy is growing up and I'm trying to develop a positive method for parenting this little man who can still act like a two year old.

R is starting ballet in a couple of weeks. She is so excited and proud. I'm also considering putting her in preschool. I go back and forth every day. She asked about karate again last night so I might just do karate and ballet and forget about preschool for another year. I'm not made of money .. things are really tight for the next month or so (gotta pay off the van and get ahead on other bills). I hate putting that in there but I'm feeling pressured to do more for her than we have the money for. I hate saying that because we are "well-off" compared to most. My quitting my job last spring put more of a pinch on our budget than I expected. We'll survive and I'll learn that my kids can be just as happy coloring at home as they would be doing anything else.

L has found his "voice" and a nasty case of gas. He loves to nurse ALLLLLL day long. He is getting bigger and stronger each day. He can lift his head up quite a bit and can roll from his side to belly. He has outgrown the newborn diapers and we are (we because I don't have to clean up the leaks from diapers that are too big) comfortably in size one diapers. Whew.. I have a ton of those thanks to hitting sales. He had a rash last week that ended up being from the heat. He was outside with me and the kids for a couple of hours, naked except for a diaper, and developed a crazy rash. But, it went away after a day of being inside and now he's not outside for too long at a time. Have I said that I can't wait for Fall? I REALLY can't.

I'm just about healed from the c-section. All that's left is the numbness and then a brief pain if I over do it. I'm so grateful to be nursing L almost exclusively. My labs came back very good and at this point I have a good amount of fat in my milk. These were concerns from the Lactation Consultant and Pediatrician. This may change as L gets bigger.. But I'm giving him what I can for now. I'm trying not to borrow tomorrow's problems.

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