Carmen saw Liz do this and I wanted to join the fun.

Goal: For a cool company to pay me to do that which I already do.

I spend way too much time on my cellular and home phone. I believe ATT should pay me for loyalty and advertising. I swore there was no coverage area like Cingular and I can't say that ATT has proven me wrong there.

Dell is a beloved brand in our home and my dell laptop has only been retired to the closet for a temporary time. The crazy amount of time and places that machine logged with me is mind boggling. I'm learning how to be wired to the Dell desktop for now!

Coffee is my friend. It picks me up when I'm dragging and I even have a jibbitz, and at least 3 shirts proclaiming my passion for a latte. Starbucks should endorse this mother for her coffee obcession. My kids are willing to accept endorsements as well. T will endorse the double chocolate chip frappachino. R will endorse the Horizons Chocolate Milk (why is this under starbucks and coffee?) with a starbucks GREEN straw; it just tastes better with the GREEN straw.

The karate school should endorse me for the amount of time I spend there and word of mouth advertising I provide. I requested a onsie for my baby and haven't seen that yet. Hrmph!

Bariatric surgeons should endorse me for the walking billboard that I am. I also provide on the spot informational sessions to friends, family, and acquaintances.

Ford should endorse our family because we have owned no other manufacturer and stand firm that we will own no other. We also speak about the longevity of our beloved Fords and I am frequently heard speaking of the wonderful life I will have once I don't have 2 car payments. Because, my ford minivan will outlast these small children and I will not buy another car until L is at least forming sentences.

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