Friday I decided that I needed to go to Wally World to stock up on food staples. I didn't make it out as planned Friday night without the children. Instead, I decided to feed them and hit the store before lunch. We sailed through the store pretty well and I purchased 98% of the items on my grocery list. This is the grocery list that I left in the van and decided that I didn't want to haul three children across the parking lot and pass the charity of the week again.

So we are doing well. L sleeps through the whole shopping trip even though I am trying to fit all of my purchases around his carseat that does not latch on to the buggy like my old infant carrier did (I still LOVE this one more). T and R are helping out and are not begging me for too much. T even sees a little girl knock over the individual packets of yeast and offers to help her clean it up. He continued to clean it up when she stepped over him and didn't pick a single packet up. (I was soo proud of him that I couldn't go off on the mother or child without taking the positive off him. OH THEY WERE SOO LUCKY!)

So we made our acquisitions and headed to the checkout area where the registers manned by cashiers are looking like 20 minute waits. I see a self checkout lane that doesn't have an item limit on it and head over there. I'm 25% done with checking out when L wakes up screaming to be picked up and fed immediately. There are other customers standing behind me. R is trying to scan everything for me but does not bag the items so the computer gets cranky. I order T to talk to L while I finish up. I'm almost done and L is whimpering when I want to lay down on the floor next to his carseat (why can't you ever fit the bags in as small a space as the unbagged groceries) and throw a temper-tantrum. I couldn't find either of the cards that I knew had funds available on them. So, I stop the roving cashier and ask her to suspend my transaction and she gives me dirty looks as I try to get my bag, my baby, and everything together. "Ma'am, I can't let you leave with the buggy." I know that I was just trying to get everything together and praying that I could find the card before I had to go out the van with a screaming baby and two kids who didn't understand why they had to leave their purchases in the store.

Soo, I get out to the van and put the sling on, take L out of the carseat and latch him on (gahh..why do they take so long when they are in the sling?), and then find my cards. The kids and I race back into the store where we claim our buggy and pay for our groceries. Then we race back across the blistering hot parking lot while R cries that she is thirsty. The poor girl didn't know how bad this Mommy wanted to cry with her.

We went through the drive-thru of Wendy's and T was asleep before we drove away. He woke up long enough to drink his soda and fell back asleep. R stayed awake and chatted with me the whole way home. Thank goodness that was a stock up trip and I won't have to go back for a long while. Maybe next time I'll know better and not bring ALL three kids with me.

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