This is my first post for the The Parent Bloggers Network and I may be able to win a $250 visa gift card just for writing about my children's eccentric views on fashion. Thankfully the theme describes my current state of life right now Mix 'n Match, Pop 'n Swap.

So.. I'm now the mom to three children and I love it. The absolute BEST part is where I'm stuck to the chair barking commands fussing at the children (startling the relaxed baby) or worse trying not to say anything because the baby JUST fell asleep. Somehow, L has decided that the best time to nurse is when I need to be up guiding T through his morning routine (checking outfit, confirming teeth are brushed, and trying to shove food in his mouth). Lately T has walked into my bedroom only to be sent back upstairs to change immediately. Imagine if you will.. A beige polo shirt with brown horizontal stripes, nylon blue jogging pants with a vertical light blue stripe up the side of each leg, AND black and red airators. There is also the need to keep a sign of brushing his teeth on his shoulder EVERY day and if the socks aren't matched, he'll wear whatever is closest to his fingers.

Then I get the princess an hour or so later. We begin with "take of your jammies and pull-up" (repeated 20 times at increasing levels of my voice) and then we get to "get an outfit and some undies". Our first attempt at an outfit is bringing me baby clothes that can't fit her and a demand for an outfit just like that one in her current size, next is an attempt to wear winter clothing on a day forecasted to be 95 degrees, the third attempt when I just want her to go outside and play lands me a yellow t-shirt with primary colored writing on it and a pastel floral skirt. Her other favored fashion faux paus include: dresses that are too short but Mommy doesn't notice until we are at the pediatricians office, princess dresses covered in alabama red clay, food stains on the BRAND NEW shirt, and shorts that are too short but still fall off her waist. There are days that I just close my eyes and remember she believes she is beautiful and those are the days I wish we had a Pop 'n Swap Polly Pocket to teach her a bit more about fashion. :)

At least no one notices that L is wearing the same onsie he had on yesterday. Hey.. he did have a bath before I put it on him.

Yes, most days I catch the blunders and adjust them as best I can by removing one article and adding any denim bottom to the child (T has never stepped out of the house in a skirt.. yet). This gives me the feeling that all is right with the world and I remind myself to buy more denim next time I go to the mall.

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