.. sorry just realized the camera was shaky. I will try to take another picture tomorrow.

My neighbor inspired me to get started on giving my house color. I've been dragging my feet on spending the money. However, we were at Lowe's Thursday and we found the "mistinted" paint selection to be very close to a color I wanted in my living room/dining room. I jumped on the 5 gallon bucket for $25. I also scored two single gallons for my bedroom for $3 each. I splurged on my bedroom and purchased some glaze 19.99 and I'm going to try to use it to make a stripe effect (I hope).

So, Yesterday I painted with the help of my neighbor and her son. I have to say the change in color looks awesome. It could definitely use a second coat.. however the new color is already refreshing when you walk into the house.

(Please note that this is the room that has no furniture or pictures on the wall yet. That's why all the clutter (beloved as it is) is on the fireplace mantle.

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    Milenka said...

    Did I already tell you that I love that you're painting? Because I'm a decorating junkie and totally appreciate that you're sharing photos! :-)

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