With news of the 20% drop in the stock market over the last seven sessions, I'm glad to know we are a bit prepared.

*cut back on eating out
*cut back on Lattes not made at home
*shopped based on sales and made decisions on meals from what is in the pantry
*utilized tips for savvy shopping from Becentsable.net
*Pulled P's retirement out of the stock market and into Government Bonds (He wisely did that in April)
*questioned ourselves about whether we need it or just want it?
*Started teaching T & R more about respecting money

However, We still need to eat out less and getting our debt paid off. I also need to get serious about selling our "inherited treasures" on craigslist.

Last night we drove by a gas station to see unleaded was $3.51 and P said, "Wow, that's not bad!". How ironic? It was ten years ago that I could fill up our gas tank for $10.00 and now it's closer to $40 in the car and $80 in the van.

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