My to do list has very few things marked off. However, if you think I was propped up doing nothing yesterday afternoon you would be wrong.

T got off the bus at 310 and we did the mad dash to get out the door for karate at 345. We were late again! Ugh. While T was in the first part of karate I went to the bank to deposit a paycheck and ran through the drive-thru at the local coffee shop. I normally love this place but yesterday was horrible. I ordered a small version of my drink (breve one splenda) and the kids drinks (steamed chocolate milk). I expected to pay $4.50 and was charged $7.00. My drink was correct but the kids were way off. I shrugged off the error because they are local and I didn't recognize this guy (Maybe he was new). After karate when the kids tasted their drinks I was ready to(and should have) take the kids through the drive-thru and let them tell the guy how he royally screwed up their precious drinks (they tasted too much like coffee). Instead I listened to the whining all evening. Because we had more places to go..

We hit Wally World for a leotard so that R could wear the tutu I made her. The leotard I bought was too big (she wears 4/5 clothes most of the time) and the tutu that fits with the clothes on doesn't fit with just a leotard. Ballet was fun even with the tutu falling off. T found a friend to play with and now wants to go to ballet every Tuesday. I found a friend to talk to and she was oohing and ahhing over L which is always awesome.

We arrived home at 7pm with enough time for me to make dinner (leftovers anyone) and help T unload the dishwasher. By the time dinner was over and I checked my e-mail one last time I was exhausted. My rear-end was in R's trundle by 9pm. (I'm sleeping with her in her room to encourage her to stay there all night long.. we're giving her a week.)

Today the dishwasher is running and most of the "other" dishes have been washed by hand. I need to get up (quietly.. L is sleeping) and lay L down and get back to work. I'll update later. tata!

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