I need to get myself in gear for Thanksgiving dinner which is in 44 hours. I'm not counting down or anything.

Cleaning to do list:
- pick up toys (in progress)
- vacuum

- scrub toilets
- clean sinks and showers
- mop floors

- declutter
- vacuum

kids rooms
- pick up
- vacuum
- make beds

- empty/load dishwasher (lather, rinse, repeat)
- wipe down counters
- sweep
- mop
- take out recycling

(are you ready to cry with me yet?)

Thanksgiving dinner Prep
I have already planned the menu, made the pie shells (they are chilling in the fridge, made roll dough (currently rising), and started thawing the turkey.

I need to:
- make the pie fillings and bake the pies
- make the green bean casserole
- sweet potato casserole
- mash potatoes
- make sausage balls and slice cheese for snacks
- make cranberry sauce
- bake rolls
- prepare stuffing
- cook turkey
- make gravy

oh and I have to call the furniture place and get my last two chairs (the chairs will be here at lunch time). I want a nap already.

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    Shana said...

    My list mirrors your list. Yet here I am, in bed, under the covers, laptop in my lap and Dancing with the Stars on the telly. I'll regret this tomorrow.

  1. ... on 11:13 PM