This year is going to be an especially personalized year with homemade gifts. I'm so excited to make the gifts instead of buying something they may or may not like. By doing a bit of research each gift will be personalized for the recipient. I'm planning to make tutus for the girls in my family (if this works out well I may try to sell a few at the ballet school). For the teachers, bus driver, and neighbors I'm planning to make baked goodies or something of that nature. L is going to get a blanket from me and T make get a blanket as well. When I was talking to my sister yesterday she mentioned that she is making denim purses for her girls and my daughter R.

I'm hoping to save some money on the gifts by making them at home. Spending a lot of money on the holidays this year is not really an option. Hopefully, the personalized gifts will be a hit with everyone.

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Now all I have to do is budget my time to finish these projects. Here is a tutu that I made with a stuffed model.

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