Thanksgiving for the last ten years has almost always included a long car trip and always Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house. This year I'm finally hosting Thanksgiving at my house. My in-laws will be coming to join us for the festivities. I'm guessing there will be approximately 15 people at Thanksgiving dinner and 22 for dessert. I'm super excited and need to start a grocery list.

Parent Bloggers Network asked bloggers to share their experiences with homemade Thanksgiving dinners. I'm thinking of lessons learned from previous Thanksgivings.

1 - Never allow the men folk to cook the Turkey. The refuse to follow, err .. read, the directions. The fire alarm will go off, the wrapping will be melted to the turkey, and you will enjoy a great pizza with the stuffing.

2- If you are new to the family and trying to impress my grandmother.. do not leave lumps in the mashed potatoes. Not a single one. This cousin's wife is no longer in the family.. I wonder if that's why.

3- Don't talk to my mother too much or too little.. there will be drama if you forget this rule.

4- Remember that Thanksgiving is about being Thankful not the other ten thousand dramas in your life.

I thought there was more.. but apparently I have blacked it all out!

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