I was able to get a new look on the blog to celebrate spring. Spring has sprouted here and my spirit is relieved to see the new growth. I am excited to say that my vegetable garden plots have new dirt and just need a bit more work before I can plant my seeds and young plants in a few weeks (we will be frost free by mid April). I have landscaping modifications to make as well. The work outside is luring me away from all the work in the house. I will have to make a deal with myself to get something done inside before going out tomorrow morning. That is if I can move after the work I did today.

P has a deployment date for the sandbox, July 5th. We got a bit more time than most people because P's current project needs to be wrapped up before he leaves the country. Oh my goodness, P is really leaving for a year. But, he will get three two week morale trips. Plus we will be compensated very well for the "sacrifice" of time and hazardous conditions. T is emotional about it but we are talking it through. R has asked a few questions and said she's not happy but isn't dwelling as much as T. L is going to change the most and I'm going to have to utilize youtube more once P is gone. I just hope we can make it financially in the next three and a half months until P leaves. Because we are soo tight on money right now. It's crazy how junk keeps popping up here and there.

It was spring break for T this week and we didn't do a lot and that was nice. I did get out of the house a bit without the kids. I left them with P. I'm doing that a bit more and not letting myself feel guilty for that. I would be doing this even if P weren't going out of the country. I need to be able to think and breathe without the kids all over me. However the kids and I did make a few trips out of the house too. We went to the Birmingham Zoo and then T and I went out with a few other kids and their Mom's to bowl for a while. It was fun and relaxing.

Now I have a bunch of to-do items before P leaves. I have to learn how to do normal things that I just leave for P. I should be able to do most, but I just don't because then P has to do them *grin*. I also want to get a security system (yes it's an added expense .. but it's peace of mind too) installed and get some sort of insulation on the garage door. We barely used the family room in January and February because it was soo much colder in there. Plus, there is the normal laundry, dishes, clean the garage after a winter of throwing things out there, sort through toys and kids clothes (keep, toss, donate/sell), and paint more rooms. I'm not happy if I'm not pulled a million ways and I'm definitely feeling the pull now. But, I also have to say that I'm not as down as I was a two months or even a few weeks ago.

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    DJ said...

    I can't see the new template - boo blooger :(

    I know you will be able to handle things on your own - there is no one who inspired me to grow up than you. You were light years ahead of your age when we met & you never cease to amaze me.

    You can always come to Florida to visit & let your family/friends help out too :) Yes, that's a hint. hehehe

  1. ... on 11:27 AM  
  2. Milenka said...

    I honestly have no idea what to say. I don't think I could handle my 3 kids alone for a year. Lucas is a huge part of childcare here. And yet I don't know how our family will make it through the next year, either, so a job that would assure our survival would be wonderful, despite the costs. *sigh* My thoughts are with you, sweetie. I'm thinking of you, even when I'm quiet. *hug*

  3. ... on 11:24 PM