Momma you're so funny!
I think this is one of my best pictures
I barely give myself time to sit down and think through what will happen in the next year. Instead I'm staying busy with the kids and other projects. I'm increasing my activity with the PTA at T's school and I am working on my garden and yard. I am hoping and praying that P is deployed to Afghanistan so that we can get out of debt. I am so tired of money being the reason why we can't do the smallest things. I've had to be honest with T and explain that we don't have a lot of money to spend on toys right now and that we understand it is disappointing but that we will always try to give him everything he needs and most of what he wants.

We are in the middle of a county wide School System shut down due to swine flue. A school less than two miles from our home has had three probable cases (95% chance of being positive)of H1N1 (swine flu). P and I made a decision to keep the kids at home until we know what the full extent of the outbreak that has hit our area. L is immunocompromised due to his history of RSV at Christmas and he is also scheduled for surgery May 14th. He has a possible undescended testicle. The pediatric urologist is going to go in via his belly button to see what is going on and will find out if his testicle can be pulled down. If it is down and irregular it will be removed and the other testicle will be checked to make sure it is healthy. So, we are already trying to stay healthy for surgery and the last thing we need is Swine Flu to hit our household. So that means no karate, mall, or anything until the facts are all available. I did make it out to Wal Mart this evening sans kids and I have to say that it was a ghost town. There were no lines and I saw more employees than customers. It was like I was shopping at 2am instead of 7pm on Friday, May 1st. Hopefully the shut down of schools and parks has helped stop the spread of the swine flu in our community.

P and I are well. We could be better but I think a lot of our issues are more stress related. I wish he would be more concerned and he wishes I would let him de-stress via primal means. Oh boy. He is getting worried that here will go on without him. I'm worried about how bad our life will be if something holds up his deployment.

So, I have a site that I did some local restaurant and restroom reviews on a while back. I think I'm going to bring it back to life and do more reviews. I'll do anything that I get in the mail via samples, restaurants, and stores. I might also review websites. It can't hurt anything and it might help another consumer. Tomorrow night I'm hosting a House Party for Clairol. I picked out my new shade tonight and I hope the other ladies who come have a great time socializing and changing our looks. There will be a bunch of laughter, pictures, food, and drinks.

Oh and the last way I'm entertaining myself instead of worrying about everyday life? I'm playing Farm Town on Facebook. It addicting and fun and I need more neigbors darn it all.

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    DJ said...

    Heather - you look STUNNING in that photo. Wolf whistles!

    You sound busy - I can't wait to see photos of your garden. We are planting here too, even though the weather has already hit 90.

    That's crazy about the flu being so close & school closings. Better to be safe than sorry. The only good thing is that this is hitting more at the end of the school year than the beginning. Soon enough it will be summer.

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