T is out of school for the summer after the school year was extended due to the swine flu. He ended the school year with the highest marks possible for a first grader (why on Earth do they refuse to use the A,B,C grading system?). I'm very proud of his hard work this year and the changes he has made. He's still a seven year old boy but he's also a considerate, kind, and curious person. I wouldn't want him any other way.

With the end of the school year came R's ballet recital, another belt test for T, and PTA Board Elections for myself. We all did very well and we will not have much down time with all of our interests. The PTA commitments have already started and P is overwhelmed by the amount of time that is needed. I feel for him, but we have work to do and I can't bow out because he's stressed out.

I don't know if P and I will make it after he returns from the sandbox. He left two weeks ago after I tried to address an issue a neighbor had with how P handled a violent situation between our boys. P was ready to pounce the boy but I stepped in the way. The other parents said that the police would be involved if it ever happened again. P thought I was taking their side. I was really just trying to be the devil's advocate and I wanted to protect P and T from future trouble. P was so angry and sure that I was choosing my friends over him that he couldn't see straight. He was able to calm down and come home. But, I'm not able to sweep things under the rug like that. So I've allowed him to come home and we seem to be OK but I have to wonder what will set him off next. The sucky part is that my marriage is rocky right now but so is my friendship with the neighbor. I feel like she is judging my family and if I don't take her wisdom.. well I feel like I'm wrong. What works for her may not work for me and vice versa. I just miss having that close buddy. Maybe we will get better once P leaves and that comment kills her.. but I don't know what else to say.

But.. on a brighter note. R has two new friends who we are playing with and I enjoy hanging out with their Mom too. She's crafty too and made R a few hairbows yesterday and it sparked me to make some more and to pull out other crafty notions. So much for cleaning the house today.

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