So, I am 3/4 through a glass of wine. I feel disconnected which is really good for a day like today. So whatever I say can not be used against me at another time. I LOVE BULLETS (you really don't want to know how many times it took me to type those three words). :)

1. Things are always less complicated when you add a glass of good wine.
2. P is most likely (95%) going to Afgh@nistan this summer and will be gone for a year. This is great for my family's financial future and truthfully he's at just as much risk here in the states in a building off base.
3. T is still doing great at school but we have doubled his meds because he was distracted easier around PE time and through the evening. Hopefully the increase will help, if not we are looking at a patch type medication.
4. R did not make it to dance class tonight because I could not find her bag with her shoes in it. I have no idea where it could be and that infuriates me (but I have wine on board so I will deal with it tomorrow).
5. Our tax return has been spent without saving for our vacation. Whatever that was going to be a huge headache and if we can still find a way to go it will be after P leaves and well it will cost a lot less. Whatever... I really wanted it but next summer will have an awesome vacation because P will be getting back from the desert.
6. P's bosses are being $h!ts and making our choices complicated. They want him to wait to deploy until a project is done and have told him that he can't have spring break off because of that project. This project has been active for almost two years. I can't put my life on hold because of this project. P is meeting with the big boss tomorrow, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.
7. L is smaller than every other baby I know. I am normally ok with that but.. gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. In the end he is healthy, happy, wanting to eat a diverse number of things, and meeting/exceeding his milestones.
8. R is great but really wants to be in school. I hope I find the right preschool for her next year. She really wants to be in school now but does not understand why she has to wait until August.
9. I hate that money is tight although I know we are still much better off than so many people in the US today. P has a stable job, we have a house that we love, we have food, clothing, and a roof over our head. We could cut back more but it would be painful. P will go to the desert and hopefully our economic concerns will be behind us. I PRAY!

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