Gosh, there are soo many things in my life to be thankful for. I don't want my readers to think that I feel like I've gotten the shitty end of the stick. I don't feel that way. I may get low at times, but I know that I've only been given things that I can handle. I take my time deciding how to handle it and come here to vent.

OK, R has allergies. We don't know what caused it so our plan of attack was slow in forming. I'd heard the cons of using oral steroids and the possibility of anaphalactic shock still scares the crap out of us. But, we survived our first reaction and we will survive and conquer any in the future. P won't take his eyes off her. That's ok for right now.. March 31st she will see the allergist and start testing.

In the midst of her hives, Saturday night at 715 she puked after I gave her the anti-histamine. Bleah, we recovered and got her into bed. 715 Sunday night, T puked. We recovered again and then the pain hit me. UGH! I skipped classes this morning. I had a paper to hand in and a test to get back. But, I couldn't imagine sitting still in class for 2 hours. I'm going to work today though.. I already missed Saturday and I'm scheduled off on Wednesday. I just hope I don't puke.. That won't be fun. I'm taking protien powder with me to make up for my missed protein last night and this morning.

Monday positives
* R's hives are disappearing
* T's belly seems to have settled over night
* The scale said 198.4 again today..
* R climbs up the stairs almost every day

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