Happy 8th Anniversary to Us!

In January I was sure that we would not be living in the same house today. But, we have conquered a lot of our issues and are still working on the other strife life throws at us. The kids went to stay with my wonderful friend, Aunt T (that’s what the kids call her), and her daughter. We went out to eat at Chili’s and stopped by the bookstore for some quiet time. We were home and asleep by 930. P was battling possible food poisoning from BK. He didn’t even want to get intimate. I had gone out and bought all this lingerie and he’s sick. Figures, last year it was me with a migraine the size of New York. But, we did have quiet time together. We may try to see a movie before we pick the kids up this afternoon. We’ll see.

I’m hanging in there with the post WLS life. It is frustrating for people to come up to me and say that I don’t need to lose anymore weight. I’ve started telling them that my body carries the weight very evenly and it is deceptive about how much I weigh. They don’t buy it. They want me to stop losing today. I’m happy with where I am. But, I want to get to a healthy place and have room to fluctuate without freaking out.

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