My husband will tell you that I can find a sale just about anywhere. I can't stand to pay $10 for any one article of clothing (I might go to $8). Well, I would love to say that all the sales I hit up on will keep me covered in clothes for weeks. The size 14 phase lasted a few weeks. There are some pants that are falling off and others that are fitting nicely. I surprised myself yesterday when I checked to see if I could get a pair of size 12 pants on my hips. I did better than that. They zipped up without trouble and I was able to move around in them too. For kicks I also tried on hubby's jeans (I was so much bigger than him that I couldn't get his pants up my thighs) and they fit. They felt so good that I wore them all day. :) I'm the same size of my hubby (even though I still weight 14 pounds more than him).

I'm doing the happy dance! I feel comfortable in my body. Concerns that I used to have as a plus size girl don't even dawn on me today. I wore a skirt with panty hose Friday. This time last year I would have been in agony from my thunder thighs rubbing together. I didn't think about it all day or at all until I was ready to end this post.

Yes I would do it in a minute, is the answer I would give you if you asked me if I would still have this surgery.

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