I finally put the idea of going off birth control on the table with P. Funny, that I felt more comfortable posting it to cyber space. But, the thought has been with me. He is open to the idea once I am out of danger from my WLS. I did share my big fear of miscarriage but I told him that would not stop me from pursuing this step of faith. I have started taking initiative and asked for a thorough review of my body’s status at an appointment today with my PCP. Dang it, I forgot to ask about the body scan. I really want to know what my lean body mass/fat ratio is. I’m willing to travel at this point to have it done.

I have lost 71lbs from my highest ever weight in her office and I have lost 30lbs since I was in her office in December. I told the Dr I was happy to be almost out of the obese category. She said I’m no longer obese, just a bit overweight. (I guess she doesn’t follow BMI.. but it made me feel better for a 5ft 98lb Dr to say that) I have to remind myself that I’m really not doing as bad as I make believe. Dr N was extremely pleased and said the same thing P did; we want to see where you are in a few years. (That’s a scary place to think about right now  ... but very true) I asked for more lab work to check my vitamin levels, CBC, COMP, and hormone levels. The majority of the tests were send outs (it’s great to work for a lab at times) so I’m not going to check the results until tomorrow afternoon. I also asked to be taken off the beta-blocker. She wants to wean me off that and put me on an ace inhibitor. I didn’t mention to her that I had been weaning myself off the beta-blocker on my own. I’m going to do as she said and wean myself off the beta-blocker a bit more and start the ace inhibitor. I did tell her that I want to go off all medications eventually. It’s so funny how you say you want to go off medications and get two new scripts. I also asked for metformin again. I use it a lot more when I am pursuing pregnancy. But, I thought it could help with the weight loss right now and possibly help get my system straightened out. I haven’t had a real cycle in almost a year. Spotting has occurred without rhyme or reason. I’m hoping the metformin can help that.

I’m taking small steps of faith and action. Hopefully, the two will walk hand in hand together.

Oh, I’m down to 189 today!! WO HOO!! (PS... that is the scale at home this morning and tonight.. Dr’s scale said 194 fully clothed)

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    Milenka said...

    Congrats on 189, sweetie! *hugs* I hope that you are able to accomplish everything you hope for. Fianlly getting off all of the meds was a HUGE thing for me, and I'm so glad my body allowed it. :-)

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