I know I've been very quiet. There's been so much going on with work, school, and the kids. I've needed and made a point of getting more sleep (finally). I don't have a lot of time to be elequent so I'll do the bullets today.

1- Saw NP for 6 months post op WLS. I'm down 81.5lbs and my body fat is 32.7 (my cut off for normal is 33.. wo hooo... I'm normal). I also found out that my lightheaded feeling is truly an issue. When I stand up my blood pressure drops 20 points. I stopped one blood pressure medication and will stop the other if my blood pressure stays this low. I feel great other than the lightheaded feeling. I had the IUD out(I feel so much better now..other than the period from hell) and I'm going to use the Nuva Ring for 9 more months before we try naturally (for a small bit of time) to get pregnant.. OBGYN believes I'll need assistance this time too. That stung a bit.

2- T - he had his turn at the allergist. He was great. He did fuss while they were actually testing but, recovered as soon as the nurse left the room. He has a lot of air born allergens (I don't have the sheet in front of me.. but a few were Dust mites, dust, grass, grass mold, and pine). He also went to the ENT two days ago and we found out that he has 10% hearing loss from his perforated ear drum. They want to see him in four months. He is happy and doesn't fuss about taking his allergy medication. We are going to start Nas0nex tonight and that could be a battle.

3- R - She started walking two weeks ago. We love it and she is so much happier. We are still going to do some PT. But, for the most part we feel a lot better about where she is. We had her hearing checked because she won't talk. Her hearing is great... she's just stubborn. She'll be 18 months on the 3rd.. WOW!

4- P - he's happy that I'm not working nights any more. But, he won't do anything besides mow the yard and sit in front of the computer.. oh and he wants to do the nasty all the time.

5- School - Next Wednesday and Friday are my final exams. I have one more paper due tomorrow. I'm going to start taking online classes instead of morning classes (too many young "kids").

6- Vacations- We are going to Baltimore on May 5th for the weekend. May 13th, The kids and I are heading to FL for my baby brother's high school graduation.

Work is crazy busy and I don't know how long I can last with the little bit of money coming in.. but I have faith that this will be worked out. P has applied for jobs in Texas and Illinois. Both would be great for our family.

PS... Thanks Milenka for asking how I'm doing

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2 thoughts:

    Milenka said...

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I feel worn out just thinking of all the stuff you have going on.

    Good luck with the allergies and hearing stuff for T. If it's not one thing, huh? I hope he gets relief from the allergies from the Nasonex, though.

    Yay for a walking R! Maybe she'll be one of those quiet little girls who only speaks if she has something really importnatn to say? Wait. I'm not sure I ever met a quiet pre-teen girl, so maybe she'll warm up in plenty of time to give you grey hair! ;-)

    It sounds like you're doing great as far as weight loss goes, and you must be so excited to be at a 'normal' body fat percentage! Of course, now I'm going to be over here for the next 9 months tapping my foot and wondering when you're gonna be ready to get knocked up again. Because, you know, I have an unhealthy obsession with everyone's reproductive life. Oy.

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  2. Mel said...

    Good job on the weight loss . . . and handling all the stress!

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