Wow, it's been close to six months since I've posted.

I'm healthy and feeling great most of the time. I was able to donate blood for the first time in 6 months. My iron levels had fallen short after the last admission and I had the threat of iron infusions from my NP. I've increased my supplements. Weight wise I made it down to 145 and now I'm struggling at 156. I've gotten way to comfortable with eating most foods. ECK. I think I might have to shrink my pouch back down. But, my first choice is to start really exercising. We had a warm day here in January and I took the dog beast for what I thought was a walk. We jogged most of the length. I felt so good afterward. Then... the cold snap began and we are just coming out of the bone chilling temperatures.

T & R are great. They are growing so much. Size is obvious, but the others are just as remarkable. They are both sleeping in their own beds again. The manners and eating habits have improved.. They help clean up the house. A lot of it is because they are getting older and I'm finally learning to stick to my words.

I'm considering a few options for school and P is as always applying for jobs. One of the last applications had a location of Korea. :) I really don't care where we go as long as he is happy in his work. It wouldn't hurt if I could be a stay at home Mom while I pursue school and more children.

More children.. yes, I want more children. I want to have at least two more. My fertility is not agreeing with me and I am expecting to start fertility treatments in late April or early May. We are staying away from the treatments now only because we have two children born in November already.

I'm going to go and create a fun post now. :) Later Gator!

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