This morning is going at a slow pace. It's partially due to my lack of energy (come on coffee .. start working.. PLEASE) and L's need to be held. I managed to make breakfast and empty the dishwasher with him in my arms. Now I'm slacking on the computer while L sleeps in my arms (notice the theme). I swear I'll put him down in a few minutes and finish the kitchen, pick up the trash and clutter, and pack for our stay at the sleep clinic tonight. Oh, it's going to be soo much fun. I'll try to update here once I know more about L's sleep study. Say a prayer for us tonight. 

My friend, DJ, is married by now. :) Yaa! She deserves to be very happy.

So, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.. (be warned the photographers are myself and a 3yo princess..)
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    Milenka said...

    Love the photos, H! :-) I hope it's calming down over there!

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