The more things change the more they stay the same. As we enter 2009 I am so blessed to have a loving family who is healthy (well on the mend) and yet I wonder if my husband and I will be together to celebrate entering 2010. I really hope we are.. the days leading to today were a lot better than today. I don't know what set us off .. but it wasn't an awful day .. just a day that tested us.

If you asked me in 2000 how I expected to celebrate the beginning of 2009.. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't expect a lot of things as they are:
-I'm a mother (in fact .. I've got three beautiful living angels).. 2000 was not a year that allowed me to believe I would be a mother
-I'm living in Alabama.. nope.. I was just getting used to Virginia in 2000 and was sure that if anything we would go back to Florida or Texas.. never Alabama
-I'm drinking hot tea without sugar or cream and it's become a new favorite beverage (not beating the beloved breve.. but still)
-I weigh less than 160 pounds.. Even after fighting like crazy to lose weight in 2000 I was never able to get lower than 240 .. it took gastric bypass to get me here.. and by gosh I want to stay here

How do I expect to see things to be as I welcome in 2019?
-My baby will be ten years old!
-I will have a college degree
-T will have an acceptance letter from his college of choice
-Our family will have traveled
- overseas
- out west.. Seattle, Colorado, Alaska..
-We will not have debt hanging over our heads
-I'll be arguing with R about her outfit for the evening instead of helping her button her pants after a run to the potty
-I'll still be under 160 pounds
-I'll have made a positive influence somewhere outside of my home

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