There are many blessings in my life. My three children and a husband who is (for now) actually stepping up to the plate and is actively here for me. But.. with that we have other junk in our life.

1. T was officially diagnosed with ADHD earlier this month. P wanted to avoid medication. I finally urged him to agree that we couldn't wait any longer. I'm now waiting to see what the school will do and what medication the pediatrician recommends.

2. We are blessed that P has an awesome job that is stable despite the economy. Unfortunately we need overtime to make ends meet and that doesn't happen all the time. Ugh.. we are going to credit counseling this week. I am selling AVON and also babysitting a toddler to help out financially. The AVON will pick up it takes time though.. and the babysitting is well.. inconsistent and the little boy is more aggressive than any child I have ever dealt with. My kids are afraid of him and that's not how I want to earn money. But, if I were to "let him go" I would feel like a failure.. so I soldier on.

3. Another option that P and I feel would be beneficial for our finances would be for him to do a tour "in the sandbox" for a year. The pay would be great because of the sign-on bonus, hazard pay, and overtime. But.. that is still in the works. It takes time and I'm not a patient woman. The idea of him being gone for a year is frightening. However, I'm sure I could do it (run the household) on my own for a year. Why? Because when he threatened to leave I did a mental evaluation and reminded myself that I am strong enough to do anything I set my mind to.

4. L has had a few setbacks in life and I have been on top of them. But.. there is a point when too much information is not good for your mental health. After an appointment today with a genetics specialist we now know that he's normal and healthy but doesn't fit in the mold of "normal" for the medical community.. but in the end he does not have anything huge that can hold him back. This leads us to a final decision .. do we leave the pediatrician that allows a question on P's part to lead to referrals to specialists and invasive testing? or do I just grow a new set of kahonas. I betting it's the new pediatrician. Ugh..

Ok.. I'm done venting I just wanted to get this down on "paper".

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